Monday, May 10, 2010

Image of valley with Sandbox2 image

Monument Valley, USA
source:[taken at 10/05/10]

Sandbox2 Valley

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Crysis Wars environment



5 real time image captures

View from Hawking's Land form.

This is the view that Hawking's would get as he makes his way to the meeting point. Through his journey towards his destination, he is able to reflect and ponder about his thoughts. I believe that the downwards flow from his lab to the other demonstrates the approach of reflection towards the past.

On looking meeting point via the labs.

I created an arch land form for the meeting point for the two great scientists as it symbolizes the point of coalescence of their individual ideas. Instead of a simple mass of land, the use of an arch land form exhibits an impression of complex ideas that come together in a neutral point.

View from the top of Darwin's cave towards Hawking's Lab.

Again, this view highlights the notion of time and how the past is reflected upon the present. Furthermore, it symbolises the inspiration that could be drawn from Hawking's present ideas could also be used by Darwin. The reason that Darwin's Lab is within a cave denotes the idea that man 'still bears in his bodily frame the indelible stamp of his lowly origin'.

View from Hawking's Lab.

The sudden extruded block that is Hawking's lab reflects the land form as it blends in with the mountainous forms as it also provides Hawking with a better view to gaze the night stars with less light interference.

On looking the labs via the meeting point.

Overall the elongation of the structure and their positioning reflects this underlying notion of time and space within both scientists' work. The two coloured lights represent the intertwining of the two to show their correlation as a whole, whereas the general slope presents the idea of the past to present.