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Crysis Wars environment & SketchUp

Sketch up file.

Crysis file.

Instructions for Crysis!

Drive to stop sign

press k for elevator to come down,

go in elevator, press l for elevator to go up, turn to the left and walk to the desk once elevator stops rising. walk away then walk back. observe change in frame.

go back down (press k) drive to the second elevator press use on the right vending machine (get a drink, walking through the desert is hard work!=P) till it goes up.

once on top walk through the structure. Each computer activates the structure and its lighting system

walk back to the second stop sign and go back on the elevator. press the use button on the left vending machineto come back down.

proceed to the cave stand as close as possible to the door and find the auto trigger (should be near the middle) enter and observe. to exit, walk back to the door approx where the first trigger was and exit.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

5 real time image captures

Hellen Keller & Angela Merkel:

This view is from the third pillar of the valley where the two bridges form a link which is adjacent to the road. As you drive on the highway, you would be constantly gazing upon these two massive structures that loom over you, perceivably daunting and threatening, and consequently evoking a sense of raw, tangible power.

The view from above Helen Keller's office looking onto Merkel's structure. The glass frame bridge is designed to engulf Keller's office as it protects the office from certain environmental hazards. As Helen Keller writes on her desk, the glass frame closes in on the structure representing the grasp of power that she obtains through her literature.

Furthermore, Keller's glass office is symbolic of her physical fragility, however as the office comes down which acts as an elevator, it blocks off all traffic in a manifestation of her empowerment. Merkel's elevator and office brings about the concept of one's roots. Her elevator represents her simplistic lifestyle before her introduction into politics. As the small limited elevator gradually takes her up, she is able to utilise a much larger structure with greater space, symbolic of her steady rise in world leadership.

As she walks through the various offices she is able to access the lighting systems through the computer as she is able to manipulate the various components of the structures to provide ambient light as she does her work.

The contrast between the two rooms is due to each person's individual needs. Helen Keller, being blind and deaf, would find it much more convenient for her to mobilise around a smaller office. Merkel on the other hand, requires a much greater space for meetings and other various arrangements with leaders across the world. Merkel's structure does not only symbolise her power, but the power of her country.

The Dining table, placed in a cave which is engulfed by a bright yellow light to suggest a nostalgic tone again hinting going back to ones roots, or ones past. The table set into the floor against sets the idea that before they obtained power, they were just average citizens. The table itself has many levels attached to it, where guests would sit lower down to suggest a lower level of importance compared to the two. Furthermore, the cave is closed off by a slide door to prevent unwanted access, again highlighting power from exclusion as well as blocking out environmental hazards.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

36 custom textures

From left to right;
Scalar, Linear, Rotational, Erratic, Flux, Vertigo

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Various concept designs from sandbox2 and sketchup

Table designs:

DINING TABLE: the dining table signifies the approach that power is overwhelming yet at the same time joyous. The jagged edges around the table signify the risks involved in wielding a great deal of power, while simultaneously exuding dominance. Dining around the table also represents the hierarchy involved in the social structure of the guests and hosts. The guests would sit around the table as the two hosts sit in the center surrounded by the various forms that represent different aspects of power, i.e. influence, reputation, control, courage, etc. All these qualities highlight leadership and what society attributes to them which is ultimately how their dominance and power is perceived.

Trial concepts with various environments:

Sunday, June 6, 2010

MashUp of articles

She is a warrior. She knows what she wants. She is strong willed and pursues her goals aggressively. There's no one else who can really match her power, since power is her thing. She is a person who thrives on challenge, and she often feels that she must battle her way through life, relying on no one and nothing but her own strength, intelligence and courage.

Understood to be a heroine of uncommon grace and courage, a sort of worldly saint, she manages to stay in power by governing quietly, cautiously, and pragmatically from the center stage. Routine and sameness are tantamount to death for her. She is not afraid of trying something that has never been done before yet simultaneously she likes to pose as an ordinary citizen. Thrifty as she is, the warrior in a vaster and more vexing conflict remains true to herself and her own vision and convictions, even if it means standing alone. Strong, beautiful, unsmiling, painfully untamed, she is able to build up credibility through encountering a great deal of adversity and struggle.

Her brilliancy, penetration, originality, wisdom, character enables her to utilize her power effectively, thus emerging as the key player in her ventures. Her legacy, after all, is an epistemological marker of sorts, seeking those who will teach her about power and eventually force her to claim her own.

Angela Merkel: Times Topic: Angela Merkel, 'The New York Times', viewed may 10th 2010,

Miranda Kerr: Miranda Kerr: Motivation, '', view may 10th 2010,

Helen Keller
: What Helen Keller Saw: the making of a writer, 'The New Yorker', viewed may 10th 2010,

Monday, May 10, 2010

Image of valley with Sandbox2 image

Monument Valley, USA
source:[taken at 10/05/10]

Sandbox2 Valley

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Crysis Wars environment



5 real time image captures

View from Hawking's Land form.

This is the view that Hawking's would get as he makes his way to the meeting point. Through his journey towards his destination, he is able to reflect and ponder about his thoughts. I believe that the downwards flow from his lab to the other demonstrates the approach of reflection towards the past.

On looking meeting point via the labs.

I created an arch land form for the meeting point for the two great scientists as it symbolizes the point of coalescence of their individual ideas. Instead of a simple mass of land, the use of an arch land form exhibits an impression of complex ideas that come together in a neutral point.

View from the top of Darwin's cave towards Hawking's Lab.

Again, this view highlights the notion of time and how the past is reflected upon the present. Furthermore, it symbolises the inspiration that could be drawn from Hawking's present ideas could also be used by Darwin. The reason that Darwin's Lab is within a cave denotes the idea that man 'still bears in his bodily frame the indelible stamp of his lowly origin'.

View from Hawking's Lab.

The sudden extruded block that is Hawking's lab reflects the land form as it blends in with the mountainous forms as it also provides Hawking with a better view to gaze the night stars with less light interference.

On looking the labs via the meeting point.

Overall the elongation of the structure and their positioning reflects this underlying notion of time and space within both scientists' work. The two coloured lights represent the intertwining of the two to show their correlation as a whole, whereas the general slope presents the idea of the past to present.

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Black BOX

I picked this slide from the presentation as I believe that it reflects the ambiguity and harmony that shadows create.

To me, the casting of the shadows formed by the sculpture seems to create its own form and space. I would like to explore this idea further through my model to highlight the importance of shadows and their significance within the model itself. The shadows within this slide present an almost unsettling mood as it integrates with the lighting and the black and white tones to produce an abstract feel. Furthermore the shadows seem like a tool for highlighting the various aspects of the structure as it reveals the integrity of the structure.

Although the composition is made from various materials with different textures, the shadows, in a sense, unify these components thus creating a homogenous entity. These are some ideas that I may explore for my final model.

Quotes from Scientists with aggregation

Charles Darwin -

“We must, however, acknowledge, as it seems to me, that man with all his noble qualities... still bears in his bodily frame the indelible stamp of his lowly origin.”

source: from, taken at 26/04/10

Stephen Hawking -

"The whole history of science has been the gradual realization that events do not happen in an arbitrary manner, but that they reflect a certain underlying order, which may or may not be divinely inspired."

source: from, taken at 26/04/10

Electroliquid Aggregation -

We must acknowledge that the whole history of science seems to be a gradual realization that, man with all his noble qualities, reflect a certain underlying order, that may or may not be inspired by his indelible stamp of his lowly origin.

Crysis Trial


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3D model download link

Model could not fit in google 3d warehouse

download link : 3d model.skp

3D animations

The final animation shows an overall sense of the two studios and the gallery as it breaks down the compone

This animation takes you below ground as it explores the 'maze' and the artists studio

The first animation takes you through the 'claw' via the studio and reveals the construction behind the 'claw'

Final Developed Model

My final developed model consists of a combination of two of my favorite elements within the two draft models.

The above ground studio (Primal) demonstrates the bestial quality within Piccinini's work of 'The stags 2008'. The space within the studio's 'claws' reflects an intimidating mind set which is also seen within 'The stags 2008' as it is quite a dominating and engulfing. The glass staircase brings a juxtaposition to the structure as it represents fragility that is being threatened by the 'claw'.

The gallery at the datum is formed from the below ground studio's maze feature that extrudes past the datum. The idea behind this gallery is that it is an open space where everyone can enter and exit from any direction as it brings the gallery to life. The glass that extrudes from the below ground studio is in different heights so that it may also be used as platforms for leisure. Thus the gallery in itself is a 3D artwork which contains Piccinini and Goodwin's art.

The below ground studio (elaborate) represents a maze created by different pieces of the ground being extruded and cut open. The concept behind this is to recreate from what is already given to produce something new which is seen in Goodwin's work 'poroplastic'. This concept of producing something new from what is already there is also shown in the staircase as it is extruded from two curves of the maze with stone. The use of glass for the maze type structure was due to the lack of light for below ground thus by using glass, light can penetrate below and give an natural yet aesthetic feeling to the surrounding.

Friday, April 9, 2010

36 Textures

resilient, elastic

rusting, frigid

fluid, contoured

granular, brittle

patterned, dense

porous, metallic

flakes, composite

stratified, modular

delicate, rough

ventilating, vibrant

sparse, sparkling

weaved, prickly

amorphous, layered

lightweight, stiff

organic, malleable

synthetic, twisted

magnetic, fragile

opaque, translucent

Monday, March 29, 2010

Defining innovation.

Artist Theo Jansen works with light weight materials to form "Kinetic Sculptures" that move by themselves.

Unfortunately the video comes from a BMW ad which in my opinion seems to compromise the integrity of his work.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

Draft model 2

The two particular views are used to demonstrate the relationship between the size of the stairs and the two studios. I wanted to challenge the notion of proportionality of the stairs as well as to highlight the immensity of the overall structure.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Draft model 1

These views of my first draft model was taken to highlight the different experimental shapes and curves that could be incorporated within the final draft. I especially like the above ground section so I decided to apply more attention to it (i.e. the second picture demonstrates the imagery of a claw).

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

18 Sections