Monday, March 22, 2010

Draft model 2

The two particular views are used to demonstrate the relationship between the size of the stairs and the two studios. I wanted to challenge the notion of proportionality of the stairs as well as to highlight the immensity of the overall structure.


  1. Hi Sean, sorry we didn't chat at the end of class...

    Which model are you thinking of developing further? Also, what are the words for your second model? At the moment I can say that I am enjoying how bold you are with your scale and your forms, and spreading out in three dimensions. There are definitely interesting spaces and experiences in what you are designing, and your staircases (esp. the top one here) is dramatic and functional.

  2. Hey Fruzsina its okay:)

    thanks for the comment, but i was actually thinking of developing my first model since i believe that it is more practical in terms of the spaces (especially for the lower section of this model since i cannot see how it is functional being underground).