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Black BOX

I picked this slide from the presentation as I believe that it reflects the ambiguity and harmony that shadows create.

To me, the casting of the shadows formed by the sculpture seems to create its own form and space. I would like to explore this idea further through my model to highlight the importance of shadows and their significance within the model itself. The shadows within this slide present an almost unsettling mood as it integrates with the lighting and the black and white tones to produce an abstract feel. Furthermore the shadows seem like a tool for highlighting the various aspects of the structure as it reveals the integrity of the structure.

Although the composition is made from various materials with different textures, the shadows, in a sense, unify these components thus creating a homogenous entity. These are some ideas that I may explore for my final model.

Quotes from Scientists with aggregation

Charles Darwin -

“We must, however, acknowledge, as it seems to me, that man with all his noble qualities... still bears in his bodily frame the indelible stamp of his lowly origin.”

source: from, taken at 26/04/10

Stephen Hawking -

"The whole history of science has been the gradual realization that events do not happen in an arbitrary manner, but that they reflect a certain underlying order, which may or may not be divinely inspired."

source: from, taken at 26/04/10

Electroliquid Aggregation -

We must acknowledge that the whole history of science seems to be a gradual realization that, man with all his noble qualities, reflect a certain underlying order, that may or may not be inspired by his indelible stamp of his lowly origin.

Crysis Trial


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3D model download link

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download link : 3d model.skp

3D animations

The final animation shows an overall sense of the two studios and the gallery as it breaks down the compone

This animation takes you below ground as it explores the 'maze' and the artists studio

The first animation takes you through the 'claw' via the studio and reveals the construction behind the 'claw'

Final Developed Model

My final developed model consists of a combination of two of my favorite elements within the two draft models.

The above ground studio (Primal) demonstrates the bestial quality within Piccinini's work of 'The stags 2008'. The space within the studio's 'claws' reflects an intimidating mind set which is also seen within 'The stags 2008' as it is quite a dominating and engulfing. The glass staircase brings a juxtaposition to the structure as it represents fragility that is being threatened by the 'claw'.

The gallery at the datum is formed from the below ground studio's maze feature that extrudes past the datum. The idea behind this gallery is that it is an open space where everyone can enter and exit from any direction as it brings the gallery to life. The glass that extrudes from the below ground studio is in different heights so that it may also be used as platforms for leisure. Thus the gallery in itself is a 3D artwork which contains Piccinini and Goodwin's art.

The below ground studio (elaborate) represents a maze created by different pieces of the ground being extruded and cut open. The concept behind this is to recreate from what is already given to produce something new which is seen in Goodwin's work 'poroplastic'. This concept of producing something new from what is already there is also shown in the staircase as it is extruded from two curves of the maze with stone. The use of glass for the maze type structure was due to the lack of light for below ground thus by using glass, light can penetrate below and give an natural yet aesthetic feeling to the surrounding.

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36 Textures

resilient, elastic

rusting, frigid

fluid, contoured

granular, brittle

patterned, dense

porous, metallic

flakes, composite

stratified, modular

delicate, rough

ventilating, vibrant

sparse, sparkling

weaved, prickly

amorphous, layered

lightweight, stiff

organic, malleable

synthetic, twisted

magnetic, fragile

opaque, translucent