Sunday, April 11, 2010

Final Developed Model

My final developed model consists of a combination of two of my favorite elements within the two draft models.

The above ground studio (Primal) demonstrates the bestial quality within Piccinini's work of 'The stags 2008'. The space within the studio's 'claws' reflects an intimidating mind set which is also seen within 'The stags 2008' as it is quite a dominating and engulfing. The glass staircase brings a juxtaposition to the structure as it represents fragility that is being threatened by the 'claw'.

The gallery at the datum is formed from the below ground studio's maze feature that extrudes past the datum. The idea behind this gallery is that it is an open space where everyone can enter and exit from any direction as it brings the gallery to life. The glass that extrudes from the below ground studio is in different heights so that it may also be used as platforms for leisure. Thus the gallery in itself is a 3D artwork which contains Piccinini and Goodwin's art.

The below ground studio (elaborate) represents a maze created by different pieces of the ground being extruded and cut open. The concept behind this is to recreate from what is already given to produce something new which is seen in Goodwin's work 'poroplastic'. This concept of producing something new from what is already there is also shown in the staircase as it is extruded from two curves of the maze with stone. The use of glass for the maze type structure was due to the lack of light for below ground thus by using glass, light can penetrate below and give an natural yet aesthetic feeling to the surrounding.

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