Saturday, June 12, 2010

5 real time image captures

Hellen Keller & Angela Merkel:

This view is from the third pillar of the valley where the two bridges form a link which is adjacent to the road. As you drive on the highway, you would be constantly gazing upon these two massive structures that loom over you, perceivably daunting and threatening, and consequently evoking a sense of raw, tangible power.

The view from above Helen Keller's office looking onto Merkel's structure. The glass frame bridge is designed to engulf Keller's office as it protects the office from certain environmental hazards. As Helen Keller writes on her desk, the glass frame closes in on the structure representing the grasp of power that she obtains through her literature.

Furthermore, Keller's glass office is symbolic of her physical fragility, however as the office comes down which acts as an elevator, it blocks off all traffic in a manifestation of her empowerment. Merkel's elevator and office brings about the concept of one's roots. Her elevator represents her simplistic lifestyle before her introduction into politics. As the small limited elevator gradually takes her up, she is able to utilise a much larger structure with greater space, symbolic of her steady rise in world leadership.

As she walks through the various offices she is able to access the lighting systems through the computer as she is able to manipulate the various components of the structures to provide ambient light as she does her work.

The contrast between the two rooms is due to each person's individual needs. Helen Keller, being blind and deaf, would find it much more convenient for her to mobilise around a smaller office. Merkel on the other hand, requires a much greater space for meetings and other various arrangements with leaders across the world. Merkel's structure does not only symbolise her power, but the power of her country.

The Dining table, placed in a cave which is engulfed by a bright yellow light to suggest a nostalgic tone again hinting going back to ones roots, or ones past. The table set into the floor against sets the idea that before they obtained power, they were just average citizens. The table itself has many levels attached to it, where guests would sit lower down to suggest a lower level of importance compared to the two. Furthermore, the cave is closed off by a slide door to prevent unwanted access, again highlighting power from exclusion as well as blocking out environmental hazards.

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