Sunday, June 6, 2010

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She is a warrior. She knows what she wants. She is strong willed and pursues her goals aggressively. There's no one else who can really match her power, since power is her thing. She is a person who thrives on challenge, and she often feels that she must battle her way through life, relying on no one and nothing but her own strength, intelligence and courage.

Understood to be a heroine of uncommon grace and courage, a sort of worldly saint, she manages to stay in power by governing quietly, cautiously, and pragmatically from the center stage. Routine and sameness are tantamount to death for her. She is not afraid of trying something that has never been done before yet simultaneously she likes to pose as an ordinary citizen. Thrifty as she is, the warrior in a vaster and more vexing conflict remains true to herself and her own vision and convictions, even if it means standing alone. Strong, beautiful, unsmiling, painfully untamed, she is able to build up credibility through encountering a great deal of adversity and struggle.

Her brilliancy, penetration, originality, wisdom, character enables her to utilize her power effectively, thus emerging as the key player in her ventures. Her legacy, after all, is an epistemological marker of sorts, seeking those who will teach her about power and eventually force her to claim her own.

Angela Merkel: Times Topic: Angela Merkel, 'The New York Times', viewed may 10th 2010,

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Helen Keller
: What Helen Keller Saw: the making of a writer, 'The New Yorker', viewed may 10th 2010,

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